The Technology business line is the fastest growing segment within the ARAN group. During the past 10 years alone three new companies were established in this segment. And this growth is expected to continue during the coming years. Qualified experts with decades of experience develop innovative products which help group companies to become global market leaders in top-quality filtration of liquid media by means of ceramic membranes. The company ensures constant improvement of its products by maintaining several departments for research and development and by closely cooperating with renowned research institutions. Since the early 1990s the ARAN group has also been well known for its innovations and technical know-how in the design, production, assembly and maintenance of control and shut-off valves for all industrial areas. Valves, fittings and components of power plants can be serviced by qualified personnel working at service centers run by the ARAN group. In future the industrial service segment will be extended to include new analyzing, consulting and integrated engineering services. For more than 20 years ARAN subsidiaries in the facility management sector have offered expertise metering services, installation, maintenance, and funding of smoke detectors to landlords and property managers.