About us

With approximately 500 staff members at 32 locations in Germany, and Denmark, and with numerous international distribution partners ARAN group companies sell their products all over the world to more than 50 countries. The group is a strong, reliable and competent partner – both for the companies of our group and for our customers. ARAN Holding was founded in 1991 in order to increase the efficiency in running a number of individual companies existing at that time and to be able to use synergy benefits. Today the ARAN group includes approximately 30 companies, two thirds of which are operative. Headquarters in Bad Schwartau are home to the administrative departments of the whole group and of the divisional holdings and to a number of business enterprises.

  • Administration

    Headquarters in Bad Schwartau are home to operational management, to the staff and service departments of the group and to the administrative departments of several business enterprises.

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  • Company Overview

    The ARAN group of companies includes approximately 30 companies.

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  • Company History

    A small company trading in building supplies in the late 1970s developed under the umbrella of the ARAN group into a powerful group of companies.

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  • ARAN Forum

    Since 1993, the ARAN Forum, the magazine for the ARAN group, has regularly informed about news from the group.

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