Value system

ARAN group companies evaluate business situations independently and in a differentiated manner and anticipate and realize an appropriate course of action. Systematically, members of the group courageously delegate courses of action – by challenge and support – yielding successful and trend-setting results.

Colleagues and business partners cooperate and efficiently work together within the group. There is an open atmosphere based on mutual trust where the views of one another are appreciated and conflicts are solved in a constructive and consistent manner. Where processes interface communication is ensured in good time – always keeping cost-benefit considerations in mind.

We strive to achieve market functions which make our services distinctive from those of our competitors and which make it difficult for our customers and partners to find a substitute. This is aimed at creating long-term relations. We realize system solutions that are of particular benefit for our customers and give them the competitive edge. We systematically look for possibilities to diversify in areas where profitability is expected to be more than average.