Since 1984, building area development has been the primary activity of our Real Estate Development business line, together with planning, erecting and selling buildings of any kind on a turnkey basis. When the development phase is completed our subsidiaries act as building promoters to coordinate the building projects. ARAN is specialized in constructing upmarket privately owned flats that stand out due to their high quality as regards construction and amenities and because of their fantastic location. In addition we plan and realize single and duplex houses, buildings for municipal institutions, commercial properties and income-producing properties for investors. Thanks to its sound financial base the ARAN group acts with a high degree of flexibility and independence. The Real Estate Development business line also manages the properties that are owned by ARAN. This includes several company locations and, among others, top-quality holiday flats at different places on the island of Amrum that provide holiday-makers with a fantastic temporary “ARAN” (= home).