Company Overview

  • afu GmbH Anwendungsgesellschaft für Umweltschutztechniken

    Chemico-physical soil treatment plant for hazardous and non-hazardous mineral waste (more)

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  • artec Armaturen- und Industrieservice GmbH

    Maintenance of control and shut-off valves for all industrial areas

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  • atech innovations gmbh

    Development, production and distribution of high-quality ceramic membranes made of aluminum oxide and of pressure vessels to accommodate the ceramic membranes

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  • AWET

    Management company to manage interests in the waste management industry.

  • Bautech GmbH

    Subholding company of the ARAN group for the Real Estate Development business line

  • BVO Bodenverwertung Ost GmbH

    Treatment and recycling of soils, construction waste, excavated and similar material; shipment and disposal of such material; trade in mineral bulk

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  • Contas

    Real estate manager

  • Danrec A/S

    Production and distribution of plastic plates from recycled plates

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  • DAW Deutsche Abfallwirtschafts-Gesellschaft mbH

    Subholding of the ARAN group for the Recycling business line; specialized waste management company providing services such as waste brokerage, consultancy regarding waste disposal services and disposal concepts tailored to specific requirements

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  • GER Umweltschutz GmbH

    Specialized waste management company active in the collection, transport and disposal of a wide variety of waste; container service; waste management facility; wood recycling; composting

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  • HITAG Holding für Innovation und Technologie der ARAN Gruppe GmbH

    Subholding of the ARAN group for the Technology business line; competence center and strategic management holding company for our specialized companies and their global activities

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  • HKV Herzfelder Kreislaufwirtschafts- und Verwertungs GmbH

    Operating Company of a clay mine approved in accordance with the mining law

  • mtl Werkstoffprüfung GmbH

    Accredited provider of non-destructive materials testing services

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  • Mineralik Friedland GmbH & Co. KG

    Mineralik Friedland GmbH & Co. KG operates gravel pits in Friedland/West Pomerania, sells sand, gravel sand and crushed stone base layers and fills the pits created by mining with soil in accordance with mining law. In addition, the site has a recycling site approved according to BImSchG for the storage, handling and treatment of mineral waste such as soil, concrete, bricks, track ballast and lime.

  • Protech Projektentwicklungs-GmbH

    Purchase and development of real estates and building areas; project development and building promotion for housing estates, privately owned flats, private homes or public buildings

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  • Protech Seaside GmbH

    Purchase and building promotion especially for upmarket housing estates and privately owned flats on the Baltic Coast

  • sidur Rauchmelder und Messdienst GmbH

    Distribution, installation and maintenance of smoke detectors; metering and invoicing of water and heat based on consumption for landlords and property managers

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  • SUC Sächsische Umweltschutz Consulting GmbH

    Waste management company offering the complete range of disposal and recycling services

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  • TOES Tontagebau Schellbach GmbH

    TOES Tontagebau Schellbach GmbH, Gutenborn, mines high-quality clay, which is almost impermeable to water due to its high kf-value and is therefore particularly suitable for sealing water bodies and landfill construction projects. TOES shareholders are Adelheid Meißner GmbH and DAW Deutsche Abfallwirtschafts GmbH.

  • Trastor Real Estate

    Real estate manager

  • Vamera Ferien am Meer GmbH & Co. KG

    Letting of upmarket holiday flats on the North Sea island of Amrum

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