ARAN group companies continually adapt to the requirements of their customers and see challenges as chances. All companies and their employees are open to new ideas and prepared to develop further personally. They preserve the tried and tested but are also ready to take a risk and get involved in new and unconventional ideas – for customer-relevant innovations in products and processes. The ambition is to open up new customer groups while at the same time creating sustainable relationships.

The management bodies of the individual companies closely cooperate with group management to define concrete goals and systematically check their implementation. This approach has proven its worth for decades, has made the ARAN group successful, and offers potential for further growth.

Our focus on high product quality and closeness to the market is not the only pillar of our success story so far and of our future success. A system of objectives is established and agreed in a combined effort and then realized independently by the subsidiaries and associated companies. ARAN staff members think like entrepreneurs and develop and implement new business ideas. They act in a self-controlled and consistent manner – with foresight and creativity.

In future ARAN Holding GmbH will continue to support its companies in acting on their own responsibility while giving them assistance as and when requested. Yield-oriented investments, largely funded from own resources, will continue to strengthen the group and its financial power.